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Achieving through Fellowship, Resilience and Peace

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Vision Statement, Christian Ethos and School Values

Vision Statement


By showing love and encouragement, by having high expectations and high aspirations for all, by recognising uniqueness and celebrating every achievement, we seek to develop well balanced, independent, resilient and tolerant young people who will be the best that they can be.

Christian Ethos


Jesus said, “I tell you Peter, you are a rock and on this rock foundation I will build my church.”

(Matthew 16:18)

At Walsh Church of England Junior School we strive to be like Saint Peter, answering God’s call to us, challenging ourselves and showing resilience, even if learning gets difficult. We aim to follow the example set by Jesus as Peter did, to live our lives in peace, in fellowship with others and the world around us.

School Values



Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing now. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)



I have the strength to face all conditions by the power Christ gives me. (Philippians 4:13) 



Strive for perfection; agree with one another; live in Peace. And the God of Love and Peace will be with you (2 Corinthians 13:11)


We believe all our children should 'Achieve through Fellowship, Resilience and Peace'.


Theological Background


Walsh Church of England Junior School is linked to Saint Peter’s Church in Ash. When considering how we can show resilience and have faith in ourselves to achieve our vision we think about Saint Peter. The Bible tells us that God used a person like Saint Peter for greatness. He was just an ordinary man. He had doubts, just like we all do. He stumbled. Even so, Jesus saw so much potential in him that he made him the leader of His Church. We have high expectations and aspirations for all. We want to nurture every individual in our school community to have the confidence to be the best they can be.


Peter was originally called Simon but Jesus renamed him Peter which means rock. He was the rock upon which the church was built. This reminds us that we are part of a bigger community and if we do the right things it will impact everyone around us and across the world.


Peter continued to make mistakes time and again, but Jesus, as is His nature, loved Peter wholeheartedly and continued to use him in His kingdom’s work. This reminds us to be compassionate, kind and forgiving. At Walsh Junior school we believe in fresh starts and that mistakes are part of the learning process.


After a vision, Peter went to the house of a Gentile named Cornelius. At this time, it was against the “law for a Jew to associate with or visit a Gentile.’” (Acts 10:28 NIV). Yet, knowing what the Lord wanted, Peter led Cornelius and his family to Christ and witnessed them receiving the Holy Spirit. Peter then baptised the family in the name of Jesus. This reminds us that we are a school family. You don’t have to be a particular faith or come from a particular place - we are all Team Walsh because we are members of Walsh Church of England Junior School.


When they met, Jesus told Peter to follow Him (Matthew 4:19). Then, after Jesus’ resurrection, and at the special breakfast on the shore where Jesus restored Peter, His last recorded words to him were once again, “Follow me!” (John 21:19). When you follow someone, you imitate what they do from your position behind them. Peter went behind Jesus and shadowed Him, seeking to learn and be like Christ in all his ways. In the same way, we are all learning at Walsh Church of England Junior School – all following someone and trying to achieve with all our might.


Saint Peter was called by God into a loving relationship with himself and others. He was an ordinary man who had doubts and made mistakes; he was also loyal, compassionate, kind and forgiving.