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British Values

Fundamental British Values


At Walsh Church of England Junior School we teach children the Fundamental British Values alongside our Christian Values of Fellowship, Resilience and Peace. 


  • Democracy describes our national electoral system and the skills needed to participate in it successfully. Democracy relies on listening to the needs of everyone and adapting a decision until the vast majority agree. Not every need and not every person can be accommodated all the time. The democratic process requires rigorous thinking, perspective-taking, patience, and understanding.


  • Individual liberty is the right of British citizens to make choices regarding the elements of their life that are outside of government control. This refers to freedom of speech and the right to make choices about our education, food, beliefs, opinions, work, family, etc.


  • The rule of law refers to creating an attitude of accountability and respect towards the laws and rules of institutions and nation-states.


  • Mutual respect and tolerance is an attitude that recognises and respects the individual liberty of others – even if their choices, lifestyle and beliefs are ones you don’t agree with or like.