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Religious Education

Visions and Values


Our vision is to create a peaceful, nurturing Christian school community where everyone knows they belong. Our inclusive approach ensures that everyone is valued, has high aspirations and given opportunities to flourish in every area of life.


Our motto is ‘Flourishing together, with God as our firm foundation’.


‘Jesus said: you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church’  (Matthew 16 v 18)



We create a strong, nurturing, Christian school community, in which all pupils are valued and encouraged to embrace a love of learning. Our Christian Values enable our school community to flourish in a safe, peaceful,  secure and happy environment, giving every child the confidence and enthusiasm to become life-long learners. We strive to create resilient, independent and articulate learners who are resilient and aspire to be the best they can.  Through our value of love and understanding of God, our school community demonstrates compassion, kindness, consideration and to cherish our world and everyone in it. 

RE at Walsh Junior School 



At Walsh CE Junior School we teach RE so children learn to: 


  • appreciate the distinctive nature of religion and the contribution of religious and spiritual insights and values to the individual’s search for meaning in life 

  • learn about Christianity God, Jesus Christ, the Church, the Bible, Christian ways of life 

  • learn about other faiths represented in the classroom and wider world and show respect for all. 

  • develop interest in and enthusiasm for RE to enhance their understanding of themselves, others and the natural world to help form their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural education and personal values and beliefs 

  • develop the ability to make reasoned, reflective, informed and creative responses to religious and moral issues 

  • recognise religions’ influence on their culture and community life 

  • reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are mainly Christian, but to take account of other religions represented and to celebrate diversity. 

  • start laying sound foundations for future development of religious understanding, spiritual insight and moral conviction

  • understand ourselves and our place in the world




At Walsh C of E Junior School RE is taught accordance with the Surrey Agreed Syllabus 2017-2022 to all pupils, recognising the school’s special character as a Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) School.  It is taught alongside the school’s aims and ethos, developing the strong links between Religious Education and the Relationship and Sex Education, in ways which are appropriate for pupils aged 7-11. To help pupils to develop a positive attitude towards other people, respecting their right to hold different beliefs from their own. Our children are taught RE in units of work, in whole Pause Days, through collective worship and regularly during other curriculum areas. 




Through our teaching of Religious Education and the School’s ethos, we want our children to be able to make links to their lives and that of others, understand and respect different religions so everyone can live and work alongside one another with no prejudice and make good decisions within their lives using the skills and information they have learnt about. We also hope for the children to carry our school values through their lives of Peace, Fellowship and Resilience to underpin their moral, spiritual and social decisions 


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