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Collective Worship


Fellowship and Peace Collective Worships  



WB 07.09.20

Belonging to Walsh


-How do we know we belong together

-How do we behave?

-How do we look after each other?

Bible link -10 commandments

Love one another


Big Question:

How do you show the commandment – ‘Love one another’


WB 14.09.20

Vision and values


Walsh Junior School’s Vision and Values

Jesus said “I tell you Peter, you are a rock and on this rock foundation I will build my church.” (Matthew 16:18)

Bible link - St Peter


Big Question:

Who or what are the rocks and foundations in your lives?


WB  21.09.20

School prayer


-What is our school prayer?

-What does it mean to our school?

Bible link - Romans 8, 12, 16


Big Question:

What do you think is the most important line or lines in our school prayer and why? How do we show this in school?


WB  28.09.20



Share quote that links with Fellowship and discuss meaning

‘1 Thessalonians 5:11 – Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing now’

Bible link– The lost sheep


Big Question:

Who encourages you? How and why do they do it?


WB  05.10.20



Bible story (linked to rules around communities) -- The book of Law

Discuss rules in communities and school


Big Question:

Who sets rules? Why do we have them? What would happen with no rules?


WB  12.10.20

Belonging to Kingdom of God


Bible link- Jesus and the Children

The creation story


Big Question:

“The kingdom of God belongs to such as these (children)”

What does this mean for you as children? Ho do we look after the kingdom of God?



WB 19.10.20



Bible link - Good Samaritan

How do we help others?

Why should we help others?

What if you don’t like someone – how should they be treated?

Bible link- Love one another

Prayer: Matthew 22, 37-39


Big Question:

Do you have to be kind to everyone? Why?





WB 02.11.20



What is Peace?

Bible Link-1 Samuel 25


Big Question

What is Peace?


WB 09.11.20



What is Remembrance Day?

Peace Pledge – Different coloured poppies and what they stand for


Big Question

Why is there conflict in the world? How can we resolve conflicts in our lives so they are  peaceful?


WB 16.11.20



Bible Links- God speaks to Noah and The Great Flood

-Do you think people are looking after the world today as God intended?

-What are we doing well?

-How did God want his Kingdom to be treated?

-Why did God send the flood?


Big Question

What practical things can we do to look after God’s Kingdom?


WB 23.11.20



Bible link- The Dove and the Olive Twig and Noah’s celebration

What do you think you can do to live the way God intended?

How can we be more like Noah?

How would this look in our school?

Symbol of the Dove (template provided)

What can you do to make our school a peaceful place?


Big Question

Why should we give second chances?


WB 30.11.20





Big Question

Christmas is a time we get together and celebrate with our families. How can we show people they are important to us, even if we can’t be together?


WB 07.12.20



Bible links- The coming king

The Good Shepard

Mary and the Angel

Mary and Elizabeth  


The baby in a manger

The shepherds on the hillside


Big Question

Why was Jesus going to bring peace to the world?


WB 14.12.20



Bible Links

In the temple

The star in the East

The Three gifts

Symbolism of Christmas

What symbols do you think of when you think of Christmas? Where do they come from? Where have we seen them in our story?


Big Question

Why did God send Jesus to Earth?