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School Attendance


Regular school attendance is essential as every school day is important. Every day lost can have a serious impact on your child’s attainment and overall progress in school. We expect children to attend school unless they are unwell.


Please consult term dates before planning family holidays. A request for an absence to be authorised will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, and holidays are not generally considered to be an exceptional reason. Parents taking their children out of school without authorisation may be subject to a local authority penalty notice. See school attendance policy and West Surrey Foundation attendance policy for further details.


If children are late they need to sign in at the school office, so that registers can be amended. If you need to collect your children for any reason during the school day you need to sign them out at the school office.


An Inclusion Officer (IO) visits the school each half term to monitor attendance, we will also contact them when there are concerns regarding attendance or lateness.  Our Pastoral Support Lead will contact families where lateness is showing as an issue.