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During the week before half term, all the Year 6 pupils went to Henley Fort to play the roles of people in WW2 and find out what life was like living in those conditions.

We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed it very much. It was very

interesting to find out how people in the local area lived during this time.

We went on the train from Ash to Guildford station, then we travelled on a mini bus to Henley Fort.

The first activity we did was learning about the black out. We dressed up as people who volunteered to help out during the war and had to cover all the windows on a big picture. We were then asked to see who didn’t cover up all of the windows.

After lunch we had a chance to play the roles of the soldiers in training and see real life machine guns! We also wore the original hats. Overall, we had a great time and it was worth going.

Written by Lily W and Hannah G (Walliams class)