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A real highlight of the Year 6 children’s spiritual education was enjoyed by our  leavers last Thursday 9th July. The classes were split into different groups and activities were undertaken inside the Cathedral building. Eloise L commented that she, ‘appreciated being able to come together as a big team and reflect on our time together at Walsh.’ Emily T stated that ‘seeing my old friends who are now at other schools was good.’ Furthermore having the opportunity to experience the awe and wonder of such a magnificent building made an

impression on several of the children: ‘The gold angel on the top followed me whichever way I looked up at it and it made us think we could achieve anything  in our lives. ‘ [Tom L] ‘It was a breath-taking experience that we will never forget. Thank you to all of the adults that helped make this morning possible, especially Father Keith and Claire from St Paul’s Church. We feel truly inspired – it was a great way to say good-bye to our Primary school.’ [Eloise L]


 Congratulations to Jonathon H, Alice R and Caitlin T who had the courage to get up and share their thoughts about their time at Walsh Junior. Their readings were thoughtful and well  delivered. It was super to see all of them get such high praise from the dignitaries   who were in charge of the service.