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On Friday 3rd March, Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful evening at their stargazing sleepover. The evening began with a presentation from Farnham Astronomical Society about space and the galaxy. Although we were unable to go outside for our stargazing, our guests showed us their equipment and how we could use it if we had better weather.

The children were very well behaved and enjoyed sleeping in their new bedrooms. Thank you to all the staff for spending an evening with our children and to Farnham Astronomical Society for sharing their knowledge and

expertise with us.


“I had a really good time and I’d like to do it again at some point this year.” - Nadine K (Holst)


“I enjoyed learning about the solar system. Now I know how big planets are compared to the moon.” - Leonie B (Holst)


“I think it was a very enjoyable sleepover because I found out how close the planets were together. I also enjoyed the food and drink!”

- Lewis D (Lloyd Webber)


“One of the facts I learnt, was about the size of the moon. The guests facts were very detailed and I liked the part which showed you what the constellations looked like in the sky.” - Owen W (Holst)