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On Wednesday 14 June, Year 6 visited Guildford fire station for junior citizenship, where they learnt all about safety. One activity was train safety where we had to spot dangers on a picture of the railway. Jamie dropped his phone on the railway! Another activity was where a stranger (not actually) came and asked if

people would like to go with her to have some biscuits and drinks. Some people went with her, but we all now know that we should never go with strangers whatever they say. One of most people’s favourite was when someone was having a party and Mum left the oven on and the house caught fire and we had to get out, but Grandad and Jeff the dog were still in the house! Jeff the dog was down low so the smoke wouldn’t get to him and Grandad could get air. We also had to sort out rubbish into the right bins. We spoke about a lifeguard’s job and about flags, a red and yellow flag meant that was how far you could swim. Beyond that was a black and white flag where surfers could go. That was also the noisiest activity because we all shouted help. Jamie had been on one of their boats before. Another activity was crossing a zebra crossing. After we had to spot problems in a park, one disaster was a tent had caught fire and a person was in the tent! We also talked to a dog warden about how to know how a dog is feeling by it’s body language. Finally we did internet safety, just remember SMART. Everyone enjoyed it and thought it was amazing.

Written by Jamie H - Walliams class