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This week Year 5 visited the Warner Brothers Studio to experience ‘The Making of Harry Potter’. We had nothing but positive comments about how amazing our children were on the day - well done!

“We were all really excited on the coach, I couldn’t believe I was going to the studio tour as the Harry Potter series are my favourite films!” - Scarlet S

“I especially liked the costume workshop, it was fun guessing which character they belonged to. We even had the opportunity to design our own character and match fabrics to their personality.” - Alexa S

“One of my favourite parts was when the screen folded itself up and revealed the massive golden doors to Hogwarts.” - Sophie F

“In Diagon Alley there were shops on both sides of the alley. There was the shop Ollivanders, where Harry went to purchase his wand. Since the visit it has now made me watch all the films and write Harry Potter plays.” - Lily W

 “My favourite part was when I had my photo taken because you got to wear a Gryffindor cloak.” - George R

“I really enjoyed seeing the huge model of Hogwarts, it was overwhelming how big it was. We went onto Platform 9¾ and we got the chance to go on the Hogwarts Express. We even had our photo taken running into the wall to get to the platform!” - Annie R