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On Monday 27 March, we had a special guest visit our library bus. David, who was one of the previous owners, came to see our bus in it’s new home. He was impressed with how it now looks and spent a lot of time talking to Maddi and Lewis (Reading Ambassadors) about the history of the bus.


“It was interesting to know about the previous uses of the bus. He showed us some pictures of the bus when it was new. We couldn’t believe it was green!”—Maddi


“I couldn’t believe how much the bus had been through after forty years of being on the road. The bus had been used for public transport (with a burger advert on the side of it), a school bus and a collector’s bus. Once it was even yellow! This is the first time our bus has ever been red.”—Lewis


David was very kind and let us copy some of the original photographs for our records.