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Certificates were awarded this week to children who had earned 30 or more Accelerated Reader points last term. Well done to all those children as they’ve obviously read a lot. Regular reading greatly helps children’s progress and supports their learning in all subjects! A special mention must go to the following children for their amazing


1st Place—Tyler B (Shakespeare class)

142.5 points

2nd Place—Elizabeth G (Newton class)

140.8 points

3rd Place—Kayla S (Shakespeare class)

131.2 points

Other children who also earned more than 30 points were:


Jack S (Morpurgo), Jamie H (Walliams), Alexa S (Morpurgo), Brooke G (Morpurgo), Lucy E (Newton), Grace D (Shakespeare), Lucy S (Holst), Lewis G (Holst), Ben B (Shakespeare), Isabel W (Drake), Maddison A (Holst), Annie R (Morpurgo), Macey A (Shakespeare), Megan D (Walliams), Megan T (Holst), Alex V (Morpurgo), Dara R (Holst), Jack H (Walliams), Lucy S (Morpurgo), Gracie H (Cook), Rayann F (Lowry),

Mollie S (Newton), Maryam I (Holst), Imogen B (Darwin), Harry W (Darwin), Evie D (Newton) and Lottie B (Newton).