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On Wednesday 20th January a group of Year 5 and 6 children were chosen to take part in a sports crew event. At this event the children took part in a variety of activities to help make playtimes more active and exciting. The plan was for them to come back to school to show other children new games in which they could take part in e.g. tennis ball conundrum, twinkle toes, wibble wobble and slalom dodge. The children that participated were Jess P, Gabriella C, Duke P,

Millie H, Ben R, Joseph S, Oliver P, Callum S, Olivia H, Emma A, Jamie K, Hannah G and Adam H. Mr Ferris and Mr Greenfield also learned some new games too! 

They should all be congratulated on their application, dedication and positive approach. They've already started to make a difference to our playtimes.

 They have taken responsibility for setting up games, providing coaching tips and where necessary refereeing activities out on the playground at break time and lunchtimes. A large number of staff have been really impressed with the sensitivity and maturity which is evident from the way activities are being managed. Certainly they are taking their role seriously and

supporting the playground staff- especially Mr. Ferris with enthusiasm and gusto!