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The week before half term we hosted our "Still Space" in school.


Every child in school had the opportunity to visit the different "stations" within the space and to take time being still and reflecting or praying about a range of issues that may impact on them personally, on their families, the local community or the wider world. The children enjoyed this opportunity and their responses showed how reflective they are and how much they care about others and the world in which they live. It was lovely to see our school values being lived out in many ways throughout the week.


One of the stations asked children to write any "big questions" they may have. These included "Why do wars happen?" "Why do hurricanes happen?" "Why are there so many people starving in the world?". Father Keith has agreed to do his best to answer some of these for us next time he leads our collective worship!


If you would like to have a look at some of the reflections and prayers the children wrote in response to our "Still Space" we have a small selection, together with the very moving "Empty Chair", on display in The Ladybird Room, you are very welcome to pop in after school with your child any day next week.


We also need to say a big Thank You to the small army of volunteers from St. Peter’s Church who gave up their time to supervise and support the children during their visits to the "Still Space". It would not have been able to run as successfully without them.