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Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day is an annual fundraising event and takes place on Friday 19th September 2014. However, this date is our 'School Motto Day' so we will be supporting this event on Monday 22nd September.


Jeans for Genes raises money for Genetic Disorders UK and aims to change the world for children with genetic disorders.

Individually, genetic disorders are rare but together they affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK - that's more than 30,000 babies each year. Their associated health problems mean that genetic disorders are the biggest cause of death of children aged 14 years and under.


To help us raise money for this charity the children are invited to wear mufti clothes on Monday 22nd September, the theme is wear 'double denim' in exchange for a £1.00 donation. (Trainers can be worn on this day).


Thank you for your support!