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On Saturday 5th March, a group of children represented our school at the Farnham Park 2,000m cross country run. The race is an open race with children competing from across the year groups and other local schools took part. It was extremely cold and very muddy which made running conditions more challenging. All of our children did a brilliant job! The children made a fantastic effort and worked really hard. They all enjoyed the event and many of them hope to enter again next year! A big thank you to the parents for bringing their children, also to Mrs Tulett, Mrs Boyce and Roger Whiting for helping.

Results: BOYS RACE—Out of 225 boys who ran Oliver P finished in 7th place, Jacob P 23rd, Toby B 48th, Zineddine Z 54th, George R 86th, Stanley P 96th, Tyler B 100th, Daniel B 125th, Mickey R 163rd and Logan A 211th.

Results: GIRLS RACE—Out of 153 girls,

Olivia P was 12th, Jess P 16th, Millie H 21st, Gabriella C 35th, and Eva P 53rd.