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Duncan Goodhew Visits Walsh

Duncan Goodhew Visit

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Duncan Goodhew as a guest at our school. Duncan supports Premier Sport’s mission to inspire children to become fit, active and healthy.  He totally engaged and enthused the children in assembly when speaking about the positive impact that sport has had on his life, along with sharing the Olympic values. He brought in his gold medal from the 1980 Moscow Olympics and an Olympic torch from the London 2012 Olympics – and everyone got chance to hold them!


Children who have achieved bronze or silver awards for the Golden Mile were presented their certificates by Duncan and Gary Scroby (Premier Sports) and should be proud of their achievements so far. We have been set a virtual ‘Golden Mile’ challenge by Premier Sport and are in competition with two other Surrey schools from  5th May onwards. Duncan also participated in a few Golden Mile laps in the glorious sunshine with the certificate winners.


Finally he promoted Surrey County Council’s design a menu ‘Fit for an Athlete’ competition, which is currently open to all Surrey school children.


In other assemblies this week we have thought a lot about healthy lifestyles and the importance of eating and drinking healthily and being physically active.


It was a real privilege to host an Olympic gold medallist and hopefully it will be remembered by children for a long time, as well as inspire them to persevere in finding things they are good at and strive to be the best they can be. Duncan emphasised that feeling of pride and ‘feeling big inside’ when hard work and determination has led to an achievement in any aspect of life.