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On Tuesday we held our attendance assembly. The children who achieved 98%+ attendance for this term were presented with a certificate.

We also had a number of children who achieved 100% attendance for the whole school year, which is an achievement to be proud of! They were; Ben B (Lloyd Webber), Fern G (Walliams), Olivia Hal (Morpurgo), Lorna H (Lloyd Webber), Oliver R (Morpurgo), Alex M (Morpurgo), Lucy S (Lowry), William D (Cook), Logan A (Drake), Simon R (Scott), Daniella J (Scott), Harry W (Drake), Mason S (Scott), Millie N (Scott), Megan J (Nightingale), Kayla S (Lowry), Adam H (Lloyd Webber) and Joseph F (Lloyd Webber).

Congratulations also go to:

Best class attendance for the Summer Term: Drake 97.4%

Best class attendance for 2015/16: Lloyd Webber 97.6%

Year 6 Attendance Achievers

The children in Year 6 with the highest attendance for their entire time at Walsh were Toby B (Walliams) achieving 99.6%, and Nathan H (Morpurgo), Hannah R (Morpurgo) and Mickey R (Walliams) all achieved 99.4% and above for the four years. The four winners each received a book token.