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Examples of Learning Completed by Children

Amber has been busy making a mummy and learning about Fractions. Well done Amber!

Kaci has been working hard on her Egyptian work!

Hashim's been very busy

Kaci's work

Kaci has been making her Rainforest
Wow, look how good it is?
Well done Kaci!
Look all this amazing math's work too.
It is good to go out and get some exercise!

Chris has been working so hard, that amount of writing is amazing Chris well done!

his amazing rainforest.
Look at all the brilliant detail
Well done Hashim
Amber has been busy learning her spellings.
Well done Amber!
Look what Chris has done now! This is amazing work
Chris has been working really
Well done Chis!
You are a Super Star!
Kaylem has also been working his socks off!
He has been doing maths
and more writing
What a Super Star
you are too
Well done!
Amber's Amazing Rianforest
George starts a very hard puzzle
and now it is finished. well done George!
Leo's Rainforest project
Leos' Sunflowers like Van Gogh
Kaci's Rainforest project so far
Kaci has been getting creative and doing tie-dye
Alfie's been learning about Rainforest animals.
Alfie B drawing skills
Alfie B fact finding about animals
 Alfie B learning outside
Alfie B phonic lessons at home
Alfie B showing appreciation for the dustmen and women
Alfie B social intercation and imaginary play with his sister
Alfie B a rest after the hard work he has been doing
Aaron's amazing Rainforest
Amber's Jaguar fact file
Amber's Jaguar fact file part 2
Amber's Jaguar fact file part 3
Chris's fun facts on Poison Dart Frogs
George's on going Rainforest project
Kaci's Rainforest inhabitants fact file
Lucca's lovely writing
Alfie has been reading words carefully.
He's also been doing great matching!