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PTFA AGM Meeting

The PTFA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday 1st November at 7.00pm. We welcome all parents to attend. This doesn’t mean you will be agreeing to attend every meeting and every event—it means you’re interested in helping us fundraise for the “extras” to enhance your child’s education. We appreciate any offers of help and support, at meetings, events or in other ways—even if it’s just a an hour of your time. Please come along to see how you can help.


At the meeting we will need to appoint a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer. If you would be interested in taking on any of these positions please apply in writing either by letter or sending an email to our school office:


Our Parents Teachers and Families Association - PTFA


The Parent and Teachers Fundraising Association (PTFA) are currently raising funds to go towards an expansion of the school library, or even a new library!  Currently the library sits within a multi-functional room. This room contains computers used by our children; the breakfast and after school clubs is held there and the books our children use each day are stored in this space. It’s the school’s greatest desire to provide the children with their own library space. Somewhere they can sit comfortably; read in a quiet environment and give them a space to explore their imaginations.

We welcome all parents to the PTFA and appreciate any offers of help at events. Read the newsletters for further information.

Summer Fayre - 1st July 2016, 3.00 - 5.00pm