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Home School Link Worker

Our Home School Link Worker, Joy Martin, is in school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She works with children, parents and families in a variety of ways.


Our HSLW helps:



  • by giving the vulnerable, anxious or emotional child a safe forum to talk about concerns in a confidential, non judgemental environment

  • by providing emotional support and strengthening self esteem in a child through one to one sessions

  • by monitoring and promoting school attendance and punctuality

  • by running Stress Busters – a group to help children manage anger and practice relaxation techniques

  • by encouraging participation in school life



  • by giving individual parenting guidance and support with advice on how to develop and maintain positive discipline and improve family relationships

  • by signposting parents to relevant agencies or information

  • by supporting parents at school meetings and with completing forms and applications etc

  • by helping to support their child’s learning



  • by supporting families at times of change or stress

  • by supporting families through the Early Help Assessment (EHA) process, giving access to other agencies such as the Family Support Programme

  • by working closely with other agencies ensuring that follow up work is done (often as the lead professional)

  • by being available for families in crisis situations and giving families in need immediate assistance, including food bank vouchers

  • by obtaining funding for vulnerable children and families

  • by visiting families at home where necessary

  • by promoting healthy lifestyles